Hollywood is Making a Jem and the Holograms Movie


You know, Jem. “Rock Star Not-Quite-Barbie.” This gal:

Seriously. It’s really happening. There’s even a damn website, where they’re asking for your help.

There are no words to describe this news.

He-Man Collection Gives You ALL The He-Mans (Except She-Ra)

For $100, you can own every Masters of the Universe series - the original 80’s one, the terrible 1990 series, and the stellar 2002 series, in a 22-dvd set come December. It’s not up in our store yet, but once it is, oh, you can bet we’ll add a link to it in this story. 

She-Ra? Nah, she’s not a part of this set. But it does come with a gold Power Sword.

Live-Action He-Man Movie Gets Director

Well, that didn’t take long.

After we reported that Dreamworks acquired the rights to He-Man’s animated form, we now find out that Sony’s working on a live-action version, and has hired the director of G.I. Joe 2 to helm it.

That’s right, the director of a movie that was delayed for the purpose of adding unnecessary 3D and copying something the 80’s animated GI Joe movie pulled

Oh, joy.