So… Cheap Plug Time

Our next full podcast will be toward the end of this month. We’ll be talking about Diablo III with a special guest from our sponsor,, also touching on E3, and enjoying some of our usual comic and movie discussions on topics like Avengers vs X-Men, DC’s plans for a Justice League movie, and Chad’s continuing quest to review all of the pre-Nolan Batman films as we make our way toward The Dark Knight Rises. In the meantime, check out our facebook page for giveaways we’re doing right now.

DC To Release “Issue #0” For Each New 52 Series

DC’s not giving up on this “New 52” idea. In September, they’ll be issuing “issue zero” editions of all of their New 52 books, to catch readers up on the backstories of each character. It’ll also coincide with the one-year anniversary of their relaunch.

One would argue this would have worked better when The New 52 first launched, but that means we’re expecting DC comics to think rationally, something NO comic publisher apparently remembers how to do.

Avengers Vs X-Men Just Got Stranger

That right there is what Marvel’s calling the “Phoenix Five.” Apparently in AvX #6, Colossus, his sister Illyana, Cyclops, Emma Frost, and friggin’ Namor the Sub Mariner become the new hosts of the Phoenix, which this event convinced everyone was originally headed for Hope Summers, the so-called “mutant messiah.”

Why did this happen? 1) Merchandise! and 2) Tony Stark is a colossal idiot, apparently. Issue #6 hits stores on June 20, and we’ll be talking about this in our next podcast.