Watch this Man Be Scared Shitless by a Dinosaur Prank

Japan, you’re something special. This is priceless.

It’s a bit early for a “Happy Friday” post, so… happy Wednesday? Anyway, here’s Batman in other famous movies.

Batman Loves You. Now Kiss Him. Oh, and Happy Friday. (via Dorkly)

Batman Loves You. Now Kiss Him. Oh, and Happy Friday. (via Dorkly)

Dumb Ways to Die: The Video Game Version — Yes, it’s a parody of the video we showed you a couple of weeks ago. So… Happy Thursday?

Since it’s a holiday week, we’re getting Happy Friday out of the way now. Enjoy "Dumb Ways To Die."

How The Amazing Spider-Man Should Have Ended — Stan Lee’s cameo at just past 4-minutes in is AWESOME.

Elders React to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 — Hilarious. Best thing: “Whee!”

Black Ops 2 launches November 13th on PS3, PC, Xbox 360, and Wii U.

The First Wii U Commercial Reminds Us Of An InfomercialSchpew schpew.

NHL 13: The Hercules Check — If you’re like at least 2/3rds of our staff, you’re bummed out about the NHL lockout. At least there’s the totally and uber-accurate EA Sports line of video games.

Voltorb Doesn’t Want To Die — We’ve always wondered about the “Self Destruct” command in Pokemon.

(WARNING: Some NSFW language within.)


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Happy Friday.

The Hunger Games: A Bad Lip Reading — Happy Friday, people.

Superman’s Bad Day: He really needs to watch where he’s going.

This is either the worst, or the best, school board election campaign video ever.