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There are a number of companies out there that specialize in sending boxes of random products to folks as a way to advertise for several companies at once, while giving you a pretty good deal for a flat rate. Loot Crate is one of those companies dedicated to the geeky among us.

A Geek Cave Podcast listener (who wishes to remain anonymous) really thought we should try it out, so he sent us the December crate, called “Console Wars.” Every month the crate has a different theme, and with the launch of the newest crop of gaming consoles, this theme made perfect sense. Let’s take a look at what’s inside:

Console Wars II shirt (sorry, couldn’t take a decent pic myself) — from the folks at Woot!, which always do a great job, the shirt borrows from the Star Wars mythos, casting the Wii U’s gamepad as T-47 Airspeeders vs. giant, Xbox One-inspired AT-ATs, with Sackboy firing PS4 Ion Cannons at each. The shirt’s funny, eye-catching, and soft and comfy. No complaints here.

Grip-It Analog Stick Covers — from Grip-It, these little nubs slip over the analog sticks on your PS3/PS4/Xbox 360/Xbox One controllers, giving you a little more traction when playing. I really couldn’t tell much of a difference on the PS4 controller, which is already pretty grippy, but my 360/PC controller feels a little better now.

This Magnet — is awesome.

Tin-Tastic Creative Activity Set — by Funko, the crate comes with a random selection between Iron Patriot, Rainbow Dash, Derpy Whooves, Iron Man, Batman, Robin, or Joker. Inside you get some stickers, two pencils, and two vinyl figures in a collectible tin. Kinda neat, makes a great gift for the younger set.

Energems — these are basically what happens when you try to make an energy supplement out of giant M&Ms. Three quarter-sized “gems” claim to equate to a cup of coffee. They taste pretty close to M&Ms but have a slightly bitter aftertaste. As for an energy boost, I didn’t really feel one, but caffeine doesn’t really impact me so your mileage may vary.

Also included in the crate were some stickers and a gel wristband that says “Geek” on one side and “Gamer” on the other.

Every month, one lucky Loot Crate subscriber will get a “Mega Crate” instead of the average crate, that includes everything in the normal crate plus a giant additional product. Here’s this month’s “Mega” prize:

The Loot Crate service charges $20/month for the basic package (you can save money if you commit to three or six months at a time), and this month’s basic crate contents are valued at a total of around $35 to $40 (depending on where you shop), so it seems like a good deal.

If you’re a fan of random geeky stuff, you could do worse than Loot Crate. ~ Darrin

To find out more, visit Loot Crate’s website.

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A Disney Voltron Now Exists

Yes, you read that right. Bandai announced they’re making a “Disney Super Robot” for release in March in Japan. And by “Super Robot,” they obviously mean Voltron.

The steamboat from Steamboat Willie makes the giant robot’s head, and Pluto and Goofy make up the feet. Awesome.

Reminder: We’re Giving Away Free Stuff

All the details about our month-long “Geektober” giveaways are right here, but here’s the gist:

We want to give you free gift codes from Shirtasaurus, plus other cool stuff. All you have to do is:

1) Like our Facebook page. That’s it. It’ll get you entered in some of the drawings.

2) Submit a photo of your Halloween costume to that page, along with a piece of paper that says “The Geek Cave” — you can even print our logo — so we know it’s really you. That’ll get you entered in drawings for the rest of the stuff, plus a DOUBLE entry in the drawings you’re entered in for just liking our page.

That’s it. Heck, if you submit a pic to this post as a photo reply, you’ll get a THIRD entry.

So tell your friends. Follow us on Twitter and retweet. Reblog this. We don’t care. We want you to win. We’re taping the October episode on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26TH. All entries MUST BE IN BY 5PM CST.

And to like us.

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Real Geeky Heroes: Mr. Comic-based Movie Nitpicker ~ Kent Harris is the spoken word guy, Justin White on the cheesy vocals.

This is either the worst, or the best, school board election campaign video ever.


“ThunderCats HooooooooOHHH YEAHHHH!”


“ThunderCats HooooooooOHHH YEAHHHH!”

Pretty sure Voltron is screwed.

Pretty sure Voltron is screwed.


Who’s taken down Skeletor?

Also: Bonesaw is REEEAAADDDYYYY.


Who’s taken down Skeletor?


Also: Bonesaw is REEEAAADDDYYYY.

Somebody Actually Built a Working Wall-E Robot

Show’s over, folks. This guy just won at EVERYTHING.

This guy figured out a way to build his own working, bug-zapping lightsaber. The best part is SO CAN YOU… here’s a link to the how-to. Get cracking.