Nintendo Through The Years — They need to hire this guy to do their E3 sizzle reels.

A Disney Voltron Now Exists

Yes, you read that right. Bandai announced they’re making a “Disney Super Robot” for release in March in Japan. And by “Super Robot,” they obviously mean Voltron.

The steamboat from Steamboat Willie makes the giant robot’s head, and Pluto and Goofy make up the feet. Awesome.

He-Man Game Coming To iOS

Due out later this year, He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe will feature 27 levels, side-scrolling “brawler” gameplay, colorful visuals, and will be a universal app - meaning buy it once, play it on your iPod, iPad, iPhone, etc. It comes out later this fall.

Final Fantasy VII Re-Release Hits PC Today

Want some more Cloud/Aeris/Tifa action? How about some more stereotypical “Angry Black Man” Barret?

Good news, PC owners… the digital re-release of Final Fantasy VII is live. Get it right here for just $10.

It’s an NES. And SNES. And N64. And Gameboy.

Some modders are more than hobbyists. They’re heroes, such as this Michigan man who combined four systems into one. Unfortunately, he couldn’t pull off the impossible, as this contraption runs games via an emulator and not using their actual cartridge formats, but if he could manage that, he probably would’ve taken over the world already.

So THAT’S What Horde Prime Looks Like

The boss of Skeletor and Hordak in the He-Man and She-Ra shows, we don’t think we ever got to see what Horde Prime looks like… until now, thanks to Mattel’s “Matty Collector” program.

He’s $22, available for a limited time, and extremely tempting.