DC Cancels Birds of Prey, Superboy

Six New 52 books are getting the ax over at DC Comics, including two surprising mentions.

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DC Cancels Teen Titans

The book will most likely be relaunched somewhere down the road, but as of right now, Teen Titans has been canceled as of issue #30.

Raven joins the cast of Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Raven Officially Appears in DC’s New 52 Universe — and man, is that an ugly costume.


CONFIRMED: Looks Like Batman and Teen Titans in, Green Lantern and Young Justice Out

DC Nation is going through some changes according to bleedingcool.com.

Iā€™m gonna miss Young Justice like I have been missing it every weekend, thank you for DVR.

UPDATE: Newsarama has confirmed from a source at Warner Bros. Animation that Green Lantern and Young Justice will end after their current seasons.


Oh, WHAT IS THIS HOT GARBAGE. Young Justice and Green Lantern are awesome. Why not just make it a two-hour DC block? Why cancel two perfectly good shows?? WHY?????

You Want More Teen Titans? You Got More Teen Titans.

This is awesome news.

DC announced today that they’re bringing back the popular anime-style Teen Titans series next year on Cartoon Network, as a “character-driven comedy series” with all of the original voice cast returning.

Sign. Us. Up.