DC Announces a New Power Girl

There’s a new Power Girl in town, and she’s neither Caucasian nor sporting a “boob window.” At least, not yet.

Making her debut in World’s Finest #26 is 17-year-old Tanya Spears, who DC has some “specific plans” for, according to writer Paul Leviz.

And OK, we lied, there’s a “boob window.”


DC To Release “Issue #0” For Each New 52 Series

DC’s not giving up on this “New 52” idea. In September, they’ll be issuing “issue zero” editions of all of their New 52 books, to catch readers up on the backstories of each character. It’ll also coincide with the one-year anniversary of their relaunch.

One would argue this would have worked better when The New 52 first launched, but that means we’re expecting DC comics to think rationally, something NO comic publisher apparently remembers how to do.