Take a look at the latest Transformers: Age of Extinction poster.

Take a look at the latest Transformers: Age of Extinction poster.

Your first look at Transformers 4.

There’s a Transformers MMO in the works. Here’s your first look.


My Little Pony + Transformers = <3

It’s the crossover we both need and deserve.


My Little Pony + Transformers = <3

It’s the crossover we both need and deserve.

Reboot Of Michael Bay’s Transformers Movies To Be Directed By… Michael Bay

Yeah, we’re confused too. Michael Bay confirms he’ll be directing Transformers 4, which he also describes as a reboot of the franchise, adding that the new lead characters will be “a high school senior and her Texas race car driver boyfriend.”

A high school senior, huh? So… exactly like the first one, but with genders swapped?

Oh, he also says he’ll be doing Transformers 5 too.


Nintendo Wii U US Launch Details

The Wii U will hit North America on November 18th at a price of $300 for the 8gb “basic” version, and $350 for the 32GB “premium” set, which also includes a two-year membership of Nintendo Network Premium, as well as the NintendoLand game.

Bookmark this post; we’ll update it as more details come out.

**UPDATE at 9:45 CST**

Holy cow, Nintendo just rocked our faces. Bayonetta 2 as a Wii U exclusive. A new TV service called Nintendo TVii (ugh) intertwines your live TV, DVR, Amazon, and Netflix accounts, controlled exclusively through the Wii U control pad. Activision’s bringing a new game called Transformers: Prime (not known if it’s based on the TV show). 007 Legends, a spiritual sequel to the N64 favorite Goldeneye, is also coming.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will utilize Wii Remotes as well as the Gamepad. Split-screen co-op becomes a thing of the past, as one player will just use the Gamepad’s screen. You can also play BlOps2 entirely from the gamepad.

**UPDATE at 10am** Reggie Fils-Aime says 50 games in “launch window” between November and March, touts it as the strongest launch library of ANY Nintendo system.

The Transformers Could Have Become Part Of DC Universe

Here’s a damn good reason to hate DC’s New 52 Universe… because it stopped Optimus Prime from becoming a Green Lantern. And apparently Wonder Woman would get an upgrade to her jet.

Seriously, can’t we have this anyway? DC’s Elseworlds series still exists, right?


Bigger pic here.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Launch Trailer

The first game in the Cybertron series, War for Cybertron, was great, so this will most likely be awesome too. It hits stores tomorrow, along with Madden NFL 13.

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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Offers Original Series Skins As Pre-Order Bonus

The first game in the series, War For Cybertron, was pretty good, so chances are we’ll be playing this too. And that pre-order bonus is pretty sweet. Damn you, GameStop.

DreamWorks Acquires Rights To He-Man, Voltron

Oh, this is AWESOME news. Dreamworks, the people behind the AMAZING How to Train Your Dragon and the TERRIBLE Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen have bought the rights to He-Man, Voltron, and a whole lot of other classic characters, including - we kid you not - Fat Albert.

If their track record says anything, as long as the plans they have for He-Man and Voltron are animated, this should be AWESOME news.